U2 3D
U2 3D
U2 live in concert, in South America, in 3D. score

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Mark Pellington
Catherine Owens



Rating / Running Time
G / 85 minutes

Australian Release
April 2008

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If you don’t like U2 you won’t like U2 3D, for the film is nothing more than a concert experience, a glorified music video. It opens with a few latecomers pushing their way into a South America stadium moments before the world’s biggest rock band kicks off another scorching performance. It closes with rapturous crowds revelling in the knowledge that they, and 50,000 of their closest friends, have experienced something quite unforgettable.

In-between, Bono and the boys do what they do do well – mount a sing-a-long concert of original classics that have become a significant part of the zeitgeist. Thirty years of practised showmanship is condensed into a show that doesn’t miss a beat.

3D technology has also come some way in the past thirty years, and is here used to its full potential. Digital presentation that is so much a part of the band’s approach is a perfect match for 3D treatment. In this context it is no more a gimmick than surround-sound, becoming a natural extension of the concert expression. Co-directors Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington (Arlington Road, U2: Achtung Baby) edit footage layer upon layer to create an ethereal, almost spiritual experience. They infuse their visual treatment with urgency and vitality that informs and expands the band’s musical intensity.

U2 3D is unlike any screen concert you’ve seen before and dare I say it (cliché alert), is just like being there. So much so that you want to stand, sing, wave a cigarette lighter and throw bottles of water into the crowd. Don’t be surprised when an usher asks you to resume your cinema seat.